Dr. Ronjon Paul and Paul Ellis, PA-C, Inventory Check-In and Patient Selection for Kenyan Medical Mission
Sep. 20, 2013 -

Medical Mission Update:

After hours of travel, Dr. Paul and Paul Ellis finally arrived in Kenya.  Thursday was spent logging numerous bins of inventory for the implants and equipment they would need for the surgeries soon to be performed at the National Spine Injury Hospital in Nairobi Inventory Check-InThis 30-bed facility is one of only three rehabilitation centers geared towards spinal injury patients in all of Africa.

The majority of surgeries on this current medical mission will be carried out at Kenyatta National Hospital.  Dr. Paul and Paul Ellis met with the Kenyatta Medical Director and interviewed patients on Friday in order to choose the cases that might provide the best teaching opportunities to their African counterparts. 

As you can see in the images included here,there was not a shortage of eager potential patients.  Over 15,000 Kenyans sustain spinal cord injuries per year the majority of patients who arrived for consultations had sustained massive spinal cord injuries from motor vehicle accidents.  Sadly, the rate of tragic injury is on the rise. Dr. Paul and Paul Ellis will be involved in the surgical care of two such patients next week at Kenyatta National Hospital.