What are the goals of the Charitable Fund?

To provide an organized, coordinated, systematic approach to giving back to our community.

To promote professionalism and volunteerism among DMG physicians, care providers and staff.

To obtain charitable contributions to continue to expand our work throughout DuPage County and beyond.

Who has been instrumental in forming the Charitable Fund?
Exploring the viability of a Fund was a DuPage Medical Group objective for 2009. DuPage Medical Group harnessed a team to gather, explore and present information critical to building the Fund. 

How is the Charitable Fund structured?
An Advisory Board has been assembled from physicians, staff and others influential in the community.

What other organizations will be involved?
We will work with DuPage Foundation (DF) to manage the financial aspects of the fund. For 30 years, DF has been fostering philanthropy, connecting donors to area needs, and building community partnerships throughout DuPage County. For more information on DF, visit their website at www.dcfdn.org

How is the Charitable Fund funded?

Generous contributions from companies and individuals are the lifeblood of the Fund. Each year two fundraising events are held. The summer fundraiser is the Golf Outing and the winter fundraiser is the Care Affair Cocktail Social. Besides the fundraising events the fund also receives donations from physicians and staff of DuPage Medical Group, memorial and other patient-centered donations as well as contributions from corporations.