What are the goals of the Charitable Fund?

  • To provide an organized, coordinated, systematic approach to giving back to our community.
  • To promote volunteerism among DMG physicians, care providers and staff.
  • To obtain charitable contributions to continue to expand our work throughout DuPage County and beyond.

    How is the Charitable Fund structured?
    The DMG Charitable Fund is governed by an Advisory Board comprised of physicians and community members. Current Charitable Fund Advisory Board members include:


  • Ashish Bhatia, MD Chair
  • Alix Charles, MD
  • Brian Ragona, MD
  • Mrs. Jeanette Fitzgerald, Co-Chair, Event Planning
  • Tom Gallagher, MD
  • Jay Herrmann, MD
  • Jean Houlihan, MD
  • Mike Pacetti, CFO (honorary)
  • Michael Popper, MD
  • Mr. John Porcelli, Sr.
  • Kevin Regan, MD
  • Sheetal Rao, MD
  • Ken Sanders, MD
  • Rebecca Giannelli
  • Robert S. Schubert, MD
  • Amy Stoeffler, MD
  • Peri Todd, Director



What is the Charitable Fund's relationship with DuPage Foundation?
The DuPage Foundation is our community partner. They manage the financial aspects of the Fund and help identify organizations in need. For 30 years, DuPage Foundation has been fostering philanthropy, connecting donors to area needs, and building community partnerships throughout DuPage County. For more information, visit their website at http://www.dupagefoundation.org/

How is the Charitable Fund funded?

Generous contributions from physicians, staff, community members and our vendors are the lifeblood of the Fund.

Each year the DMG Charitable Fund hosts two fundraising events.  The summer fundraiser is a Golf Outing and the winter fundraiser is the Care Affair Cocktail Social.